Architectural Review Application
Homeowners Association Architectural Review Board Application and Approval Form.
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Approval is hereby requested to make the following modifications, alterations, or addition to my home or lot:*
Please attach a detailed description of the improvement/modification (i.e.: color, size, materials to be used):
Please attach a lot survey containing a scaled drawing of the location of the modificaiton/improvement:
Please attach a copy of professional license and proof of insurance of the contractor who will be performing the work if other than the homeowner:
By checking the boxes below you verify that you have read and agree to the following statements.
To abide by the decision of the ARB/Board of Directors.:*
That if the modification is not completed as approved, said approval can be revoked and the modification removed.:*
That I am responsible for restoring all property affected by my installation/modification to it's prior condition.:*
That I am responsible to pay for the repair of any and all damages done to any common area or adjoining property as a result of my modification.:*
That I may be required to place a deposit with the Association in the amount of $200.00-$1,500.00 depending on the size and nature of the project.:*
That once the improvement/modification is completed and the property is appropriately restored, as determined by the Board, deposit will be returned.:*
Should I fail to restore/repair damaged property within a reasonable time, the Association may use my deposit to complete the repairs.:*
To obtain all necessary premits and comply with all State, County, and City codes and ordinances.:*
That I am responsible for having all public and private utilities located prior to commencing any work that requires digging or excavation.:*
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